The mission of the public organization “IT Connection” is a union of IT professionals, people and institutions from other sectors of the economy and spheres of life for the benefit of the Kherson region, Ukraine and the whole world.

Therefore we are engaged in the continuous development of our IT professionals, involving partners from other industries and spheres of life in order to find and enrich ideas for IT solutions. And also to create a favorable ecosystem (political, legal, economic, infrastructural, service, educational, cultural, etc.) to encourage local IT-specialists to stay and attract their colleagues from all over the world to our region!

The ways of development for IT professionals

1. Financial growth of an IT professional as an employee

  • increasing the qualification of a professional;
  • finding new orders on better terms;
  • protection of the rights of the specialist in relations with the customer.

2. IT professional – shareholder

  • assistance in the acquisition of shares in a company, you work for;
  • finding companies with high potential;
  • analysis of world market trends.

3. Creating companies from scratch, which own its own product

  • comprehensive assistance in implementing your own ideas (project management, investment, partnership);
  • helping with looking for  ideas that can turn into a high-value product.

Additional membership opportunities:

  • Participation in conferences and internships;
  • Special training;
  • Contacts of high social status;
  • Promotion of personal brand of the professional;
  • Legal support in relations with the state, partners, custom.

Membership benefits:

  • Discounts on affiliate network services (loyalty program);
  • Administration (informing on our latest news and activities, consulting with members of NGO);
  • Discounts on all our events and projects;
  • Seminars and other activities for free.

To increase the number of IT professionals and create conditions so they would like to stay and come back, we strive in the Kherson region:

  • create better infrastructure;
  • create conditions for the development of business, professionals and a comfortable life for them and their families;
  • implement comprehensive activities for the professional and creative development of IT professionals.
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