The secret for the acquisition of international partners has been revealed to IT professinals

On December 20, a seminar on the topic “Algorithms of human communication necessary for working at  international market” was held at the Masson art club. The speaker was Dmitry Kozonak, who represented KIM Corporation LLC – a partner company of NGO.

The seminar was extremely emotional and unique. Despite a big amount of information, in general it came down to one thesis of the speaker, which was absolutely revolutionary for attenders. The whole event, Dmitry Kozonak constantly repited: “At the international level, agreements are always signed in words, so progressive part of mankind has developed special mechanisms to verify the honesty and adequacy of a person even before cooperation. Concluding international agreements, the parties strive to earn money together, but not to spend resource in future trials. No one needs the courts. So they try to understand human characteristics of each other personality, talking about aspects of the future deal. ”International negotiation is like a candy-bouquet period in relationships between man and woman, rather than business communication.

According to the speaker, his experience in conducting international projects has shown that Ukrainians simply do not know it, therefore it is very difficult (impossible) to find the office of a Ukrainian company abroad. Although the whole of Ukraine, is full of offices of foreign companies.

Well, no sense to argue.

А basic set of communication tools for the successful search for international partners was presented to the participants of the seminar.

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