Kherson Tax Service – a new official partner of IT Connection

On January 28, very symbolically, on the Day of Personal Data Protection, the Head of the Board NGO IT Connection Kateryna Sheldagaieva, agreed to cooperate with the Main Directorate of the STS in the Kherson region, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. On behalf of the Main Directorate of the STS in the Kherson region the Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by the acting Chief Galina Tanan.

SUBJECT OF COOPERATION: The parties have agreed to cooperatt in the direction of development of the IT sphere of the Kherson region in the following areas: implementation of innovative activities and the introduction of new technologies in the IT sphere, holding events involving employees of the STS, informing members of the IT community about changes in tax legislation, providing advice on the procedure for registering payers taxes, as well as establishing relations between the IT sector and the Main Department of the STS in order to increase the tax culture.

As Kateryna Sheldagaieva stated: “Our cooperation has actually been carried out since 2017. And at the moment – this is an important official step in the further cooperation of “IT Connection” and the Main Directorate of the STS in the Kherson region.”

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