$ 5 000 000 are allocated for startups of IT professionals of Kherson

Kherson NGO IT Connection officially announces the allocation of $ 5,000,000 of investments, intended to finance the IT startups that will be selected and prepared under coordination of the management of IT Connection, its partners and involved experts.

The head of the board of IT Connection Ekaterina Sheldagayeva received this offer on December 2019. Negotiations on financing conditions continued until yesterday.

As Ekaterina reports: “This investment is 100% commercial. And there is an agreement with the investor that we will not make his name and the name of the organization public”.

Also Ekaterina clarify: “Only after selection the winner (IT startup), the name of the investor may be named. Now I want to declare responsibly that only well-prepared, commercially promising projects with minimal risks that will be clear for the investor will be considered”.

According to Ekaterina Sheldagayeva, the sum of $ 5,000,000 can be allocated to one major project as well as to several different ones.
“Our organization aims to develop Kherson region, Ukraine and the whole world through successful implementation of IT ideas. And I invite everyone who has interesting ideas and who is looking for financing for their implementation, take this opportunity!”.

“Our organization will present the pitching conditions and all organizational details on February 1, 2020. By February 1, we will be working on the most effective form of IT startup presentations and working conditions” – claimed the head of IT Connection.

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