The first IT Connection meeting

Last Tuesday, together with the first members and partners of the public organization “IT Connection” began to prepare Kherson IT-specialists for active, large-scale and confident entry into the world market.

The partner of our organization “KIM Corporation”, represented by Dmytro Kozonak was talking about the first preparatory step, which must be made before going to foreign partners. It is a clear self-presentation and communication plan of communication that are necessary to attract an international partner. For example, a customer or an investor.

Irina Salikhova, representing the edition of “Hryvnia. Kherson”,”Govoryat Khersontsi”,”Kavun.City ” was talking about readiness to support Kherson IT-specialists in their public positioning.

Head of the Board of Directors of IT Connection Kateryna Sheldagaieva presented the plan of activities of the organization. The seminar “Communication algorithms necessary for success in the global IT market”, the conference “Agro IT” in particular.

There was an official reception of the first members of the public organization. 12 IT specialists joined us at once. We thank the partner of the organization – Tourist coffee shop KhersON for the help in holding the meeting, aromatic coffee and delicious food. And also discounts on carrying out always unforgettable, emotional and bright excursions!

In the nearest future everyone will be able to get acquainted with the organization, its team, partners, projects on the site “IT Connection”, which is about to be released.

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